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Casey Enterprise Agreement

21 December 2020 No Comment

(b) Work output. The ANMF (Vic Branch) continues to represent nurses for mothers and children, as well as vaccination nurses, in negotiations with a number of local government councils seeking to freeze wages, delay negotiations on company agreements or extend agreements citing the impact of COVID-19. The ANMF and other unions agreed to postpone the company`s negotiations with the regional council for 12 months, but Ararat workers received 1.5 percent in the first pay period after July 1. Wyndham City Council, which employs 40.3 EFT nurses, initially tried to freeze wages, but under pressure from unions, the council agreed to withdraw the proposal and pay the 2.1 percent increase in July 2020, as outlined in the current trade deal. They say employees told them it was too generous and that they would not vote “yes” to an agreement on a pay rise. Subsequently, management said its offer would remain unchanged. Wyndham City Council will pay the 2.1% increase in July 2020, as outlined in the current corporate agreement. Casey City management is crying loudly, even though it is increasing rates to the maximum allowed by the tariff caps and also increasing the waste management tax. However, you can still find funds for high-performance sports fields, which currently seem to take precedence over the Council`s most valuable assets, namely staff. The ANMF and other unions are also at odds with Melbourne City Council after the city council rejected its wage offer, which the unions accepted in principle in March 2020.

The city council withdrew an offer to increase his salary by 6.25% over three years and is now proposing a 3% increase in increments of 1.5% in 2022 and 2023. ANMF members have not received a salary increase since July 1, 2018, and the board`s revised salary offer means a three-year wage freeze. The management of the Town of Casey unilaterally submitted an agreement to the staff. The ANMF has successfully negotiated with several local government employers to withdraw their proposals on wage freezes, rollover agreements or delayed negotiations. These include Wyndham City Council, Moira County Council and Banyule City Council. They say the deal was rejected because it was too generous, but they keep saying they will offer the same. Casey Management began the meeting by stating how disappointed it was with the result of the previous vote. He continued, “The only reason the deal was rejected was because employees were horrified to be offered a raise.” Casey City Council is asking for a 12-month extension of the current agreement with a 1% wage increase. A company agreement is distributed for one vote – unions recommend that members vote against the agreement. For the purposes of this Agreement (except as set forth in paragraph 10 below), the “Termination Period” means the period from the date of termination of the Officer`s employment relationship to the first (1) anniversary of the date of such termination.

They claim that the deal was rejected because it was too generous, but they go on to say that they will offer the same thing again. (i) Confidential Information. The Officer acknowledges and acknowledges that after the performance of this Agreement by the Officer and during his employment by the Company, he will have access to and/or acquire certain proprietary and confidential information relating to the activities of the Company and its subsidiaries or other affiliates (the “Confidential Information”). .

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