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Comsol User Agreement

6 December 2020 No Comment

The license can be used by your institution, i.e. by teachers, collaborators, students and/or other persons authorized to use the license according to the academic addition of the COMSOL software license agreement or in accordance with the terms of an agreement between your institution and COMSOL. This means, among other things, that all software and downloads related to the license must be used exclusively by teachers, collaborators, students and/or other members of your institution who have the right to use the license in accordance with the academic addition of the COMSOL software license agreement or in accordance with the terms of an agreement between your institution and COMSOL. However, ASL licenses can be obtained and used by teachers, staff and students at your institution or other university. In the case of NSL licenses, the license can only be used by the person designated to us as a designated individual user. CKL licenses can only be used to support classroom instruction by teachers, staff, students and student assignments. Full agreement. This Contract and the applicable Addenda (if applicable) constitute the entirety of the agreement relating to the purpose of this Agreement, unless other products and/or services provided by COMSOL Access have separate terms and conditions that are provided upon access to these products and/or services. All proposals, agreements, submissions and prior agreements, simultaneously and subsequently on these issues are replaced by this. If you are an administrative user in a jurisdiction, where contractors are legally required to comply with applicable laws to provide content or services to the unit or entity close to that user`s government, we will comply with these laws, provided that we are informed in writing in advance of these requirements, provided that these requirements do not conflict with other laws applicable to our business activities and provided that this provision cannot be used to change the nature, scope or duration of the rights you will obtain under this Agreement.

The types of NSL, FNL and CKL licenses are subject to limited remote access, in accordance with the terms of the COMSOL software license agreement and its academic supplement, or to an agreement between your institution and COMSOL. Remote access is not allowed for licenses locked by the processor. ASL licenses can be accessed remotely and used. That`s the end of it. We may terminate your COMSOL Access subscription if you violate this Agreement and have not cured this violation within 10 business days of notification to the email address you have indicated in your registration information. COMSOL also reserves the right to deactivate your COMSOL Access account at COMSOL`s sole discretion until an injury is healed. Repeated violations on your part are subject to immediate termination at COMSOL`s sole discretion. COMSOL reserves the right to terminate inactive accounts at any time and without notice. You can terminate this contract and your affiliation by sending us an email to send us such a termination to privacy@comsol.com. In the event of termination of the agreement, Sections 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are maintained beyond termination. You can install comSOL Multiphysics software on a particular computer and different users can take turns using the software on that computer, each of a user.

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