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Educational Loan Agreement

7 December 2020 No Comment

HDFC Credila pays the education credit money into the university/university bank account or submits a project of needs in accordance with the information you provided in the DRF. (See step 4). For more information, please contact your Relationship Manager or email us at loan@hdfccredila.com. The final step to getting your education loan money from HDFC Credila is to visit the CRedila HDFC office to hand over all the original documents mentioned above and sign the education loan documents. Also refer point After receiving all the details above, HDFC Credila will be able to prepare your final loan contract documents. These loan agreements must be signed by the student, all borrowers and guarantors (if any) by visiting Credila`s office. If students and one of the co-borrowers are based in different cities, then you need to plan to get original educational credit documents signed from several cities by mailing them or making sure all parts are available in a city on the same day. If you don`t plan this properly, it may delay you to get your MONEY from HDFC Credila on time. When visiting HDFC Credila`s office to sign the education loan documents, you must also bring the following documents: Realize your children`s academic dreams with hdFC Bank educational credits. Get transparent, fast educational credits with flexible guarantees and simple repayment options.

(If you do NOT have cheques from this bank account, be sure to request additional cheques from your bank as soon as possible to avoid any delay in applying for the HDFC Credila education credit amount. In some cases, banks may take up to 2 weeks to provide you with additional cheques.) You will also need to provide accurate information on how fees should be transferred to university and university and to you by providing accurate bank details, for example. B type of payment such as bank transfer, draft application (payable in which city), etc. All this information is easily sent by the university/university in the admission file they sent you. Determine the exact date you want to take Credila`s payment. This depends on when you will receive your visa (if any) or the last date you pay for tuition. Take advantage of preferential prices for universities and high-level higher education institutions. Other features are: up to 15 years, tax benefits and insurance coverage. You also need to decide exactly how much money you want to pay to HDFC Credila as a first installment, transfer the fees to university/college and how much depends on your cost of living.

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