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Liuna Ici Agreement

12 December 2020 No Comment

If you have any new information on the status of collective bargaining or the details of the new agreements to report, please let us know. The SCO is committed to informing our staff and management partners to ensure that all parties are aware of the progress of the negotiations and the ongoing comparisons. This is the 6th edition of our Bulletin Here Collective Bargaining, based on information received by the SCO at the end of the day, June 11, 2019. Currently, 16 agreements have been ratified, 3 unions have provisional agreements and 7 are pending. EPHRAIM`S PLACE COMMUNITY CENTRE- LABOUR OF LOVE COMPLETED Highly skilled craftsmen from LiUNA Local 506 have joined the community and transformed a dilapidated neighbourhood recreation centre into a glittering LiUNA LOCAL 506 – CANADIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM VIDEO See the LiUNA Local 506 Anthem National Video General Carpenter Board Area 8 ($3.65 over 3 years). Year 1: $1.15 2: $1.30 USD 3: $1.20 Ottawa Salary Increase Year 1: $1.70 – Contains $0.10 in exchange for the cancellation of WSIB Act 162 req`t an 2: 2: 2 $1.25 – Year 3: $1.00 – including contributions to the Stabilization Fund, Work Ready Training and Skills Training 26 years ago LiUNA Local 506 in partnership with the General Contractors Section began its annual ball of the charitable Nick Barbieri on Monday, September 4, 2017, The Board of Directors, Local 506 employees and our members marched on the annual FIFTY-YEAR GOLD MEMBERSHIP Local 506 annual Labour Day is proud to honour retired members who have reached 50 years of membership. Proud of a wide range of workers in the I.C.I. and industry sectors. Liuna Local 506 represents 8,000 members.

Our mission is to further improve the well-being of all working families and ensure fair treatment in the workplace. . Liuna LOCAL 506 NEWSLETTER December 2018 – Volume 6, number 1 THE ANNUAL LIUNA LOCAL 506 SHOP STEWARD/ FOREMAN SEMINAR L.I.U.N.A. Local 506. again had the pleasure of holding our annual Steward/Foreman seminar on Saturday, March 4, 2017. 27th ANNUAL CARMEN PRINCIPATO SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS PROGRAM Tuesday, August 29, 2017 marked the 25th anniversary of the Principato Scholarship Awards Program. As a member of Local 506, you are part of an organization of workers who have teamed up to advance their common interests. A single person may be weak, but we all have strength together. The Union speaks with one voice on behalf of all its members.

Everyone we`ve put together has strength! On Monday, September 2, 2019, the Board of Directors, staff and 506 local members and their families paraded proudly as the ICE BUCKET Challenge As a Union, we believe that giving something back to our communities is one of our top priorities… LABOURERS` PENSION FUND VIDEO You work hard, hard to make sure that you and the people you love are taken care of day after day.

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