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Anglo Soviet Naval Agreement

8 April 2021 No Comment

3. Referring to paragraph (c) of the above explanations, I have the honour to inform you that Her Majesty`s Government in the United Kingdom has taken note of the reservation and recognized it in the law set out in it, bearing in mind that the 35:100 report is maintained in agreement with the contrary between the two governments. We must of course remember that the supply of arms and equipment to the Soviet Union entails and still entails many difficulties. German warships, submarines and aircraft were involved in the Atlantic Ocean at Brigandage and Piratry and constantly attacked the ships that carried these weapons in the Soviet Union. Although he was escorted by the naval forces of our allies, a number of ships carrying cargo for the USSR perished on the way to Murmansk and Arkhangelsk. Nevertheless, deliveries and weapons from the United States and the United Kingdom, far from having decreased, have increased in recent months. In November 1934, the Germans formally informed the United Kingdom of their desire to obtain a contract with the United Kingdom, which allowed the Reich Navy to grow up to 35% of the Royal Navy. This figure was mentioned because the formulation of a German target “one third of the Royal Navy except in cruisers, destroyers and submarines” did not seem entirely correct in the speeches. [21] Admiral Raeder considered the 35:100 report to Germany to be unacceptable, but was rejected by Hitler, who insisted on the 35:100 ratio. [22] Aware of the German desire to extend their navy beyond Versailles, Admiral Chatfield repeatedly advised that it would be preferable to obtain a maritime contract with Germany to regulate the future size and scope of the German navy.

[23] Although the Admiralty described the idea of a 35:100-tonne ratio between London and Berlin as “the highest we can accept for any European power”, it advised the government that the first Germany could build a navy up to this size, whereas it would prefer a tonnage ratio of less than 35:100, but a ratio of 35:100 would nevertheless be acceptable. [24] In December 1934, a study by Captain Edward King, Director of the Royal Navy`s Planning Division, suggested that the most dangerous form a future German navy could take from the British perspective would be a fleet of crusades. [25] Captain King argued that a German fleet of armoured ships, cruisers and submarines operating in the task forces would be dangerous to the Royal Navy and that a German “balanced fleet” reflecting the Royal Navy would take the least dangerous form of the German navy. [26] A German “balanced fleet” would have proportionately the same number of battleships, cruisers, destroyers, etc. as the British fleet, and from a British point of view, it would be, in the event of war, the simplest German fleet to defeat. [26] Over the next two weeks, discussions continued in London on various technical issues, mainly on how tonnages would be calculated in the different categories of warships. [42] Ribbentrop was desperately in favour of success, thus accepting almost all of the UK`s demands. [42] On 18 June 1935, the agreement was signed in London by Ribbentrop and the new British Foreign Minister, Sir Samuel Hoare. Hitler called June 18, 1935, the day of the signing, “the happiest day of his life,” believing that it marked the beginning of an Anglo-German alliance. [44] 16 Phillips Payson O`Brien, The cabinet, Admiralty and the perception governing the formation of British naval policy, 1909, 1921-1922, 1927-1936 (Cambridge, 1992). On 27 March 1935, Hitler appointed Joachim von Ribbentrop to head the German delegation to negotiate a naval contract.

[37] Von Ribbentrop served both as Hitler`s extraordinary ambassador – largely plenipotentiary (as part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and as head of an NSDAP organization called Ribbentrop, which was competing with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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