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Cfa Institute Candidate Agreement

8 April 2021 No Comment

Under the terms of the application agreement, refunds are generally not available once registration has been accepted. Due to the exceptional global circumstances around COVID-19, candidates have been affected twice by covid-19 circumstances, which means that those that have been postponed from June 2020 and that the exam for which you subsequently registered will also be postponed, you have the option to postpone again or request a refund. The refund application window is open from December 7 to December 21, 2020. No refund requests are accepted until December 7 and no exceptions are made. This gives us time to set up a COVID claim process and to identify all applicants who may be affected by the December exam deferrals. All fees paid with your original registration will be refunded; This also applies to fellows. Details will be provided to all eligible applicants in an email and via our website in the run-up to December 7. When you sign up for the CIPM program, you are invited to read and sign an application agreement similar to this one: For the purposes of this application agreement, the candidate`s immediate family is defined only as the candidate`s parent, grandparent, siblings, spouse/partner or child of the applicant. Requests for deferral must be received by the CFA Institute before or within 10 U.S. business days after the exam window. Decisions on deferrals are final and are left to the exclusive discretion of the CFA Institute. Applicants who have received a stay are responsible for all applicable new tuition fees. For applicants who submit a first application for the CFA exams in December 2020, a full refund of your registration and registration fees is possible within three (3) days following payment (until 11:59 p.m.

Eastern time on the third day). For applicants who submit a first registration for the CFA exams in 2021, a full refund of your registration and registration fees is possible within fourteen (14) days following payment (until 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on the fourteenth day). A first registration does not involve registration to reschedule an exam session that has been postponed by the candidate or postponed by the CFA Institute. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, the CFA institution cannot guarantee that the exact amount paid to the CFA institution is the amount returned in a currency other than the U.S. currency. At the end of the three- or fourteen-day period, registration and registration fees are non-refundable, even in the event of illness or other extreme circumstances. Registration and registration fees are not transferable. Payments for paper orders in a program of study are not refundable once the order is placed. The CFA Institute strongly discourages applicants from requesting a refund for an exam under these guidelines in order to obtain a higher reimbursement. Deferrals to the next available examination are considered on a case-by-case basis and only in the case of one of the following points, which affects the candidate or an immediate family member: exam interruptions or exam compromises. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions, the CFA institution and third-party companies that perform audit management services for the CFA Institute take steps to ensure safe and standardized management on the day of the audit.

Events such as fires, floods, earthquakes, storms, epidemics, other natural disasters, disturbances or acts or threats of terrorism or crimes, or military, paramilitary, political or state authority (or even the threat of such an event) could harm the audit. If the normal testing process is interrupted, interrupted, delayed, poorly repressed or otherwise disturbed, or if the content of the examination is compromised due to a disturbing event, the CFA Institute may be required to change the date, time, location or conditions of the examination or to completely interrupt the management of the examination.

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