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Sri Lanka Trade Agreements

12 April 2021 No Comment

Place the mouse on an argument number in the table below to see the title of the dispute. Click on the discord number to access a page with detailed information about this dispute. Search for documents online These links open a new window: Allow a moment for results to appear. All products manufactured in category b) should contain at least 35% of the national value added of their FOB value in order to receive preferential treatment. In addition, it is necessary for all non-original materials used by exporters to change their SH codes to six digits relative to those of the final product as a result of the manufacturing process carried out in the export country. . The determination of the six-digit HS code change has made the PSFTA`s rules of origin more flexible compared to most other free trade agreements that require the HS code to be amended in four-digit terms. This page gathers important information on Sri Lanka`s participation in the WTO. Sri Lanka has been a member of the WTO since 1 January 1995 and a member of the GATT since 29 July 1948. The Pakistani government has issued the following communications on the implementation of the Pak-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement: .

The agreement contains articles on objectives, definitions, the elimination of tariffs, paratarifs and non-tariff barriers, rules of origin, safeguards, dispute resolution, amendments, annexes, etc. Following the signing of the agreement, the two countries were able, after several rounds of bilateral negotiations, to finalize the annexes of the agreement in December 2004 and February 2005 and exchange diplomatic notes confirming the completion of the annexes. . The authority responsible for issuing PSFTA certificates of origin is the Export Promotion Bureau, as notified by the Ministry of Empty Trade S.R.O.510 (1)/2005 of 6 June 2005, which granted a duty-free tariff quota to Pakistan. However, the importation of potatoes is only permitted during the low season of Sri Lankan lands. (2/3, which will be introduced in June – July and 1/3 in October – November each year). The products listed in Schedule IV are entitled to a margin of preference of 20% of the applied MFN tariff, without any quantitative limitations.

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