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Student Supervisor Agreement Otago

12 April 2021 No Comment

The Utrecht School of the Arts is the heart of cultural and student life in Utrecht, The Netherlands. With more than 3,900 students, it is one of the largest arts and cultural institutes in Europe and offers skills in visual arts, design, music, theatre, media, games and interactions and artistic management. 16 intimate personal relationship with a student at the university, especially with a student for whom they are responsible. When a staff member does not disclose a conflict of interest, the university may consider it a disciplinary issue. From time to time, close relationships are formed between students and staff. In this case, the procedures are defined in the conflict management provisions and staff are responsible for complying with them. While these provisions apply specifically to staff, they attract the attention of candidates because they may be disadvantaged and concerned by conflicts of interest that are not managed in accordance with the directive. The responsibilities of superiors and candidates are described separately below. These will be discussed as part of the student-supervisor agreement, which will make available to the student the review of the frequency of the progress reports of meetings to be submitted by students on nature, the speed and limitations of feedback on written participation in the presentation of research seminars during the duration of the current financial assistance, for which the student is available, when the duration of a scholarship has ended the target dates for different stages of research for the development of all the resulting publications. Some definitions and keywords The senior supervisor is there for academic guidance and practical assistance. He or she is the main interlocutor of the student and the administration. The principal guardian assumes responsibility for all of the tasks listed below and convenes meetings that are held in conjunction with co-supervisors and advisors.

The primary supervisory authority should also ensure that the head of department is informed when disagreements between controllers and/or advisors may jeopardize the progress of the project.

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