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This Agreement Shall Be Governed By The Laws Of The Federal Republic Of Germany

13 April 2021 No Comment

(2) Common tasks are defined in detail by a federal law requiring the approval of the Federal Council. This law contains general principles for carrying out these tasks. 3. The law in paragraph 2 provides for the procedure and rules necessary for joint comprehensive planning. The inclusion of a project in the overall plan is subject to the approval of the country within which it must be implemented. 4. In cases where paragraph 1, paragraph 1, first paragraph, of this section applies, the federal government funds half of the expenditures in each Land. In cases where paragraph 1, paragraph 3 of this article applies, the federal government funds at least half of the expenditure and the share is the same for all states. The details are regulated by law. The funds are made available in the budgets of the federal state and the federal states. (5) At request, the federal government and the Federal Council are informed of the performance of common tasks. Article 91 ter [Cooperation between the Federal State and the Federal States on the basis of agreements]The Federal State and the federal states can, after consultation, cooperate in the planning of education and the promotion of research institutes and research projects of supraregional importance.

The distribution of costs is governed by the corresponding agreement. If the Federal President is unable to carry out his duties or if his office is released prematurely, the Federal Council exercises its powers. The distribution of the area comprising Baden-Wuerttemberg and Wurtemberg-Hohenzollern can be changed by mutual agreement between the countries concerned, without taking into account Article 29. In the absence of an agreement, the review is carried out by a federal law providing for an advisory referendum. 3. Income tax, corporate and turnover tax revenues are shared between the federal government and the federal states (common taxes) as revenues from income tax and turnover tax are not allocated to municipalities in accordance with paragraphs 5 and 5 of this article. The federal government and the federal states share equally the revenues from income and corporate taxes. The respective shares of the federal state and the federal states in the revenues of the turnover tax are determined by a federal law which requires the approval of the Federal Council. This provision is based on the following principles: changes to the rules relating to the profession of notary, as they currently exist in the states of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Wurtemberg-Hohenzollern, must be approved by the governments of these states.

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