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Aetna Provider Agreement

8 September 2021 No Comment

It is important to know that if you are being treated at the UTMB for a health problem or chronic illness, if the contract is may 6, 2021, UTMB offers you an additional 90 days to continue your care with us as a network provider. During this three-month period, UTMB works with Aetna to transfer your care to one of the company`s network providers. If your commercial insurance remains with Aetna, you should consult a doctor if you wish to use your network services from 6 May 2021. UTMB remains a network provider for Aetna until that date. If you have Medicare Advantage coverage at Aetna, this change will not affect you. I am writing to inform you, our beloved patient, that UTMB will terminate its commercial contract with the Aetna supplier network with effect from May 6, 2021. Our records show that last year you accessed your healthcare through the Aetna provider network. We wanted you to know the change in time, so you can plan your future health needs. After May 6, 2021, UTMB will offer 90 days as a network provider to continue care. During this three-month period, UTMB will work with Aetna to transfer your care to a new network provider. As soon as you have a new doctor, please request your medical record from UTMB so that we can send them to your new provider.

You can call 409-772-9259 to request your medical records or access our website. If it is a Type 1 NPI group or a group of physicians/providers, you must complete a Type 1 application form. Note: Each doctor/provider in your group must be the subject of a separate application. Individual doctors/service providers (type 1) or groups of doctors/providers must complete an individual application of type 1 NPI. Select on the left the category that applies to you. Then follow the instructions to complete your application. Finally, we would like you to know that UTMB`s decision to terminate the contract with Aetna was not made in a hurry.. .

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