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Sample Convertible Debt Agreement

5 October 2021 No Comment

(c) Debt may also be converted at the investor`s sole discretion under the conditions set out in this Section 9 if, at any time prior to the maturity date, the investor has notified the entity in writing that it wishes to convert its debt into equity securities (“discretionary conversion”) and then on the date set out in this Communication (which shall not exceed the maturity date) (the “DiscretionAry Re-education Date”) The debts will be automatically converted into shares of the Company (the “Securities”) outstanding on the discrete conversion date, at a price corresponding to the prevailing conversion price less the discount. (d) The entity shall inform the investor of a potential transformation event at least 15 working days before the conclusion of such a potential transformation event. After receiving such notification, the investor has 12 working days to inform the company in writing if he does not wish to convert the debt. In the event that INVESTOR sends such notice to the Company as described above, the Entity has the right either to keep the loan open in its current form or to pay the loan in advance in accordance with Section 10. (e) After the debt has been converted, the enterprise shall without delay provide the investor with a certificate representing the principal financing, controlling or securities and, in the event of significant financing or change of control, other documents to which buyers are authorized, in connection with a significant financing or change of control, to be obtained in conjunction with it, including, but not, in a capacity for INVESTO. R satisfactory and reasonable notice that these securities are issued properly and validly, fully paid for and not revalibly re-valid, issued without subscription rights and in accordance with applicable securities legislation. The Company covers all attorneys` fees associated with such a conversion, including, but not limited to, INVESTOR`s reasonable attorneys` fees. (f) In the case of significant financing, conversion is mandatory if the investor is an investor participating in the significant financing. (g) No sub-securities may be issued and, if the conversion provided for in this Section 9 results in the investor being entitled to a fraction of a security, the entity shall instead issue, at the time of conversion, the lowest total number of securities. . .


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