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Share Purchase Agreement Seller Warranties

7 October 2021 No Comment

Sellers will be notified during the sale transaction and buyers are assured that they have protection from the warranties and compensations contained in the contract for the purchase of assets or shares. However, as explained above, the objective of buyers in share purchase agreements is usually to acquire companies of the company to which the shares belong, the qualifications that concern the company and its activities are also of paramount importance to the buyer. Therefore, share purchase contracts contain a large number of insurances and guarantees from the seller. The scope of these guarantees and guarantees varies according to the interests of the parties and the agreement concluded3. Guarantees refer to a certain state of progress at a given time. As a rule, the guarantee is granted as “at the time of the agreement”. Sometimes they are indicated as “on the date of the contract” and “in case of completion” when it comes to two separate data. An exemption is intended to place the risk of liability incurred in full with the seller. Unlike warranties, the buyer is not required to demonstrate that the value of the business has decreased due to the liability incurred. 27. Not all agreements or understandings concerning the intellectual property rights of the target undertaking are subject to disputes Insurance appears to be very similar in a contract of sale, but there are substantial differences; a breach of the warranty, as explained above, gives entitlement to a contract, while a breach of the presentation gives right to the right of misrepresentation. At the time of the share purchase agreement, the target company must have filed all tax returns and provided all necessary information regarding those returns. Differences of opinion in the doctrine on the results of insurance and guarantees in the context of share purchase agreements should be taken into account in the development of provisions on the results of insurance and guarantees.

It is therefore important that the violation of the relevant insurances and guarantees in share purchase contracts is detailed in order to achieve the real will of the parties. On the other hand, the contractual guarantee is the liability resulting from the lack of qualification of the sales product that the seller has thus communicated. This guarantee ensures that all tax returns and associated information were complete and correct at the time of the share purchase agreement. In this context, Tekinalp considers that, in the event of a transfer of the majority of the shares of the target company, the seller is liable for material and legal deficiencies as well as asset deficiencies5. Sometimes the seller can negotiate a lower cap. For example, in the event of a warranty breach, it may be unreasonable for the buyer to claim 100% of the purchase price and retain ownership of the shares. If you are considering buying or selling a business or would like more information about share purchase agreements, please contact Emma Benniston in our Corporate & Commercial team. Contact her on 0121 716 3701 or ebenniston@ansonssolicitors.com to find out how to make this possible. The target undertaking should not be involved in disputes with the competent tax authorities at the time of the share purchase agreement. .

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