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Jim Pulliam is a Retired Founding College President with more than 30 years of experience as a faculty member, department chair, provost and college president. As a college president, Jim saw first-hand the important role that department chairs hold within the organization. With limited training or understanding of their new role many spend their first year or two with minimal support. Jim teaches within the DCI and serves as a coach and mentor to educational leaders at all levels.

He retired after 34 years of public service in the community college system and in the K-12 system in California. Jim’s professional experience includes serving as a faculty member, dean, provost and founding Superintendent/President of a California Community College District.

As the founding President, Jim established a solid, collaborative environment with the faculty and staff. Jim was able to build strong relationships in the local community and politicians to fund and organize a new community college in California. Leading a committed administrative, faculty, staff, student and community partnership, the college gained funding to begin discussions on building programs, services, partnerships and facilities for the future.

The college community earned a full WASC accreditation which was a highlight for the college community.

Jim’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in economics and history, a Master’s degree in History, a Master’s degree in Instructional Systems Technology, and post graduate work toward a doctorate in educational leadership. Colleges and universities that Jim attended, in chronological order are: University of Redlands (graduate and undergraduate studies), California State University, Chico (graduate studies), Chapman University (graduate studies), Colgate University (graduate studies) and University of La Verne (graduate studies).

Jim has served as the President of a statewide organization including K-12 Districts. Regional occupational programs, county schools and community colleges. He founded and chaired a regional economic development consortium including the federal government, United States Marine Corps, National Park Service, County government, city and regional governments, schools, hospital, environmental organizations and private sector agencies.

Jim has served on numerous statewide committees over the years working closely with elected officials, labor unions, faculty and staff organizations, administrative personnel and others to develop collaborative efforts to advance the two-year college mission.

Jim Pulliam assumed co-ownership, with Kathy Becker, of Company of Experts in January 2005 and is the CEO of a software development company.

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