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Helping Students Master the Habits of Effectiveness
Presented by Dr. Richard Lyons – 1 Hour Recording  Aired: Mar. 3, 2011
Since the publication of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in 1989, the work of Stephen Covey has enabled millions to move from dependency on others, to independence, and on to interdependence. With his first book, and the 2004 sequel The 8th Habit serving as the foundation, this lively webinar provides valuable applications to today’s college and university students. Having employed Covey’s work in his leadership courses and workshops, Dr. Lyons has attained widespread feedback from students and faculty alike confirming the value of these proven habits. Learn more >>
Institutional Effectiveness
Presented by Dr. Kristen Crusoe – 1 Hour Recording  Aired: Nov. 10, 2010
Colleges and universities are challenged to meet accreditation standards, to establish core themes, strategic goals, set objectives and to engage “all voices” in this process. Appreciative Inquiry is a generative, strength-based process that is fully participatory, positive, and brings about meaningful and enduring change and transformation. Learn more >>
Strategic Planning Using Appreciative Inquiry for Colleges and Universities
Presented by Dr. Lane Glenn – 1 Hour Recording  Aired: Mar. 30, 2010
Appreciative Inquiry is an approach to planning and positive change that has been used successfully in colleges, communities and organizations all around the world.  It is broad-based, highly participative, and energizing.  It builds new skills in faculty and staff, develops new leaders, encourages a culture of inquiry, and helps create shared vision and purpose for your college by building on your core values and strengths.  Perhaps most importantly-it leads to action, commitment, and results. Learn more>>
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