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Department Chair Institute (DCI)

Department Chair Institute (DCI) is designed for new or experienced first-level instructional leaders. Get the skills and insider information today’s Department Chairs need to better manage the services they provide and are accountable for. You’ll quickly see the benefits offered by a positive and supportive learning environment that affords you the opportunity to network with experts and peers.

The three-day Department Chair Institute includes a morning and afternoon session each day; a morning and afternoon break; and one hour for lunch. Workshop format includes case studies, opportunities for practice (real and role plays) mini-lectures, assessment instruments, individual reflection and individual action planning. You also will have post-Institute access by email, for continued dialogue with other first-line instructional leaders.

This experiential program is designed to provide department chairs with the tools and skills needed to be successful on the job. We strive to ensure that each department chair will leave at the end of the three day institute with relevant knowledge and tools to ensure their success as department/division leaders. Our program is engaging and interactive bringing new skills, information and techniques to those on the front lines of higher education.  A Steven Hawking quote from January 2000 is fitting, we believe, for the educational leadership role today “I think the next century will be the century of complexity”.  Now more than ever department chair’s are finding themselves pushed to new levels of leadership and understanding of the complexity of human systems within the context of our educational systems.

Our goal is to work with each department chair to achieve maximum results for each training dollar expended. We encourage you to look beyond the traditional approach to incorporating a strengths based approach to engage leaders and employees to become change agents in this time of complexity. Engaged employees embrace the organization’s goals and mission and become accountable for results.

We work with many organizations to develop a collaborative environment for culture change as a framework for employee engagement and accountability at all levels. True accountability is stakeholder driven and focused on the big picture which is why we incorporate a strengths-based approach to our DCI as well as providing subsequent practice and mentoring opportunities.

The Department Chair Institute® is provided twice each year and can be delivered at your college, campus or school site. Please call (702) 228-4699 or email Melissa at Melissa@companyofexperts.net to schedule a free consultation appointment with Jim Pulliam or Kathy Becker to see how a Department Chair Institute® can be provided on-site and/or customized for your school, college or campus.

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